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"What will I tell her? What can I say that will end Shelly and me? This must be how murderers feel before they kill. Gun or knife? Cyanide or arsenic? . . . . Felt like surgery with a butter knife."
Nick Porentas from The Benandanti (a short story)

First of all, maybe you should check out what NOT to do as it relates to submissions before you proceed.

How do I feel about submissions?

Welcomes trades and unsolicited material. The pay is in seeing your glorious name in e-lights. Does not accept materials from prisoners.

About 85% of what I receive is published. Please assume that anything you send will be published within 6 months, if you do not hear from me to the contrary.

Suggested submission format?

Due to the conversion to the Internet, I'd prefer that files be e-mailed to as an attached file in either a Word 97or WordPerfect 7 (or earlier) format. Please include a short note (as you would had you mailed it) telling me a little about how you heard about D.I. and a little about yourself.

As I will send out a snail mail newsletter from time to time, I'd also like your address. I also accept materials mailed to the snail mail address, esp. artwork, photographs or materials for review.

Publication Schedule? When you figure out what it is, will you tell me?! Thanks.